Whitney Houston 2.11.12

(thank you to Jake Fogelnest and Jim Wilson for the link to this acappella version of HWIK)
Whitney Houston 2.11.12 (click to hear Whitney)

I am saying a prayer right now, as I write this, to Whitney Houston…glorious singer with the matchless, powerful, soulful, refined voice…a rare bird indeed. She has chosen to take flight rather than remain here, but her life and her singular talent bear celebrating, even while acknowledging her difficulties over the past years. I am grateful to her always for the gifts she brought to my life by recording—by so thoroughly rocking—our two songs. So Whitney, from my heart, I honor you and wish you peace and joy wherever you are.

Every one of us who heard her stunning voice for the first time, knew we were hearing greatness.

I’ll never forget the call that came from Narada Michael Walden’s studio, our friends Alan and Preston Glass had just finished the day working with Whitney and called us, and breathlessly said ‘you better hear this’!! They played back “How Will I Know” over the phone, and it was obvious she was about to change the music landscape forever.

We’ll miss you Whitney…

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