Grammy Awards 2010

Grammy Awards 2010

grammy I WAY enjoyed trapeze and music together; did Pink lip sync, and does it really matter?(Geo: it doesn’t!) (Shannon interjects: LOVED the Pink performance…how does she sing upside down and spinning w/o all the usual mortal consequences??!!) (Geo: well, exactly my point- me thinks she sang it prior to her ascent, that little minx!)

Truth be known, we use the tools available to be creators, and it has been this way with TV since at least the 1950s-60s with the advent of musical variety shows. I found a great website that explains a bit about the history of television and entertainment programming.

Museum Of Broadcast Communications

Here’s an excerpt:

“Video deejay” programming provided another economical means of filling airtime…by the end of 1950 video deejays were firmly established in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles as well as secondary markets like San Francisco, Miami, Louisville, Philadelphia, Detroit and Cleveland (where pioneering rock and roll deejay Alan Freed held forth late at night on WXEZ-TV). Video deejay programs combined LIP-SYNCH performances, dancers, games, sketches, stunts and film shorts.

So our progression to here, began back there! Ain’t it always so…Burma Shave.

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